Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Polarkraft Aluminum Boat With Galvanized Trailer Hull

Polarkraft boatThroughout the U.S., especially the northern half, it may be a little too chilly for boating, but that’s exactly why this would be the time to hunt for some bargain-priced boats! Start off small, there’s no need to jump onto a deal for a yacht when it’s clearly not yacht season. Here is a Polarkraft Model MV1860-C 18′ Aluminum Boat that comes with a Galvanized Trailer Hull. It’s certainly spacious enough for a couple of people (date on the water, anyone?) at the very least. It’s certainly completely open and absolutely begging for customization and personalization (calling all artists). For someone who’s a seasoned boat owner or someone who’s looking to buy their first boat, this one is a very, very fine choice.

This boat has a military history, too, so that’s another tidbit you can tell your friends if you decide to make this boat yours. It’ll actually be featured at an upcoming auction in San Antonio, Texas. Also, don’t worry about transporting this boat around. As mentioned, it comes with its own trailer hull so you can just hook this up to your vehicle—providing it has enough horsepower to drag this boat around—and take it on your way back home. If you want to find out more about a ton of boats just like this one that’s available at government auctions, just click here for more information.

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