Friday, March 22, 2013

The Avon Searider!

avon seariderNeed a casual ride in the middle of your local lake? This Avon Searider is definitely the one to pick for the laid-back casual waterfarer in search of R&R on the open waters. At a little under 10 feet in length, the Searider is small and can fit at most three people comfortably. In addition, it’s supported by an inflatable hull, how awesome and mind-boggling is that?

At this upcoming online auction, you can find this Searider at a bargain price. As mentioned, if you’re one who’s looking for some laid back fun on the water, then the Searider is your target. Because it is so small, it is highly maneuverable. Standard equipment that comes with the Searider includes paddles, towing points, internal and external lifelines, maintenance kit, and more. However, since this boat is used, there’s no way to guarantee that all the equipment is available. It’s up to you to inspect it if you are set on making this Searider yours.

Start by clicking here for more information and open yourself up to a world of bargain deals you can only find at government auctions.

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