Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Up for Sale: 22-Foot-Long Carolina Skiff (2011)

2011 skiffHere’s a boat for the everyman: a 2011 Carolina Skiff that measures at 22 feet in length. This boat is ideal for—well, practically anything on the water. It’s a great utility vessel, serving as a joyride on the lake, fishing trips near the shore, full-throttle rides on coastal waters, and essentially anything else you can think a small boat can do. This particular vessel looks to be in decent shape, though you should definitely check it out in person.

This boat is available at an upcoming online auction. Get the info you need today by activating your trial account and then clicking here for more information regarding all the different boat sales at all sorts of government auctions happening right now. Don’t miss out on the next great deal if you’re in the hunting for a new ride on the open waters.

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