Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1981 Bayliner 405 Bodega Cruiser – Own it Today

1981 Bayliner 405 Bodega CruiserSoon to be sold at an upcoming live auction in Stillwater, Minnesota is this wonderful 1981 Bayliner 405 Bodega Cruiser, a fine vessel that’s perfect for casual riding on open waters. It’s fitting for hobbyist fishers who enjoy anchored in the middle of a bay or those who enjoy cruising near the shorelines of their favorite beaches. Whatever the occasion may be, this Bodega cruiser is ideal.

The vessel may be on the older side, but that doesn’t mean it’ll run well. Maintenance is important, thus it’s highly recommended that you go to the auction site and inspect the vessel yourself. If the boat is in great shape, you can expect it to fetch a fair price if there are enough interested parties. Regardless, there’s a great chance to get away with a huge steal here. If you ever wanted to own your own boat to take out during the hot summer months, now’s the time to do so. Before you know it, the weather’s going to cool down.

To get more information on this auction, you must activate your free trial account to start. Many government auctions come and go each day, so don’t miss out on these great opportunities. You can also find out more about other boats for sale by clicking here.

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