Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1982 Kha Shing Sundeck Trawler: Multipurpose Vessel

1982 KHA SHING SUNDECK TRAWLER BOATUp for sale at this upcoming live auction is this massive 1982 Kha Shing Sundeck Trawler vessel, a 40-footer designed to be a multipurpose boat that is suitable for the average and the professional boater. While it’s getting to be pretty old, it’s still a reliable piece that anyone looking to own a boat can check out. What’s best is that it’ll probably go for a much cheaper price than the newer models. Remember to inspect the vessel before you participate in the bidding process.

We mentioned before this boat is 40 feet in length (40’3″ to be exact). Its hull is fiberglass, with decks made of teak wood over fiberglass. It has two fuel tanks that store approximately 400 gallons worth of fuel to work its dual 6-cylinder 120-HP engines. Other specs for the vessel aren’t listed for this live auction, so you’ll have to head on over to Sacramento, California to get more details.

To get more information, you’ll need to activate your free trial account to start. You can then also check out other boat auctions by clicking here. There are tons of boat and vessel auctions happening all year at various government auctions around the country. Remember to check out for your updated lists of government auction items.

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