Monday, August 12, 2013

1958 Tongass Ranger: Your Own Colossus

1958 tongass rangerThe government is letting go of some massive vessels. At this upcoming online auction, a surplus one, this 1958 Tongass Ranger will be available to the public for bidding. This 60+ footer is an old vessel that is still in working order. It has been pre-inspected for hazardous materials onboard and it checks out just fine. So all you need to worry about if you plan on owning this vessel is potential maintenance and repairs. Considering this vessel is over 50 years old, it’s likely that some maintenance and repairs will be necessary. Factor in those costs if you plan on bidding.

Some specs you may find handy include the vessel’s fuel consumption rate, which is reported at approximately 9.5 gallons per hour when running at 1,650 RPM. A lot of it can be the result of an old engine and also the fact that the vessel is so massive, at 53 tons! Again, factor in all these values if you plan on owning this vessel. Fuel’s pretty expensive nowadays. This doesn’t exclude the possibility to modifying the vessel for your own tastes, though, so you can potentially make the ship just a little more fuel efficient if you have the budget.

To get more information on this vessel, start by activating your free trial account. If you’re interested in boats and ships in general, you can click here. Not often does the government auction off massive pieces like this Tongass Ranger, but when they do, jump on the opportunity.

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