Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1996 Sea Ray Vessel: A Project Boat

1996 sea rayA little investment in repairs and maintenance can get this 1996 Sea Ray Vessel back up and running to close to its prime state, just as long as you’re willing to, of course. This grand 43-footer is reported to have taken on the name “Double Trouble.” What that means, we have no idea. But it’s a very intriguing name. Pure white and in decent shape, at least on the outside, you can do a lot with this vessel.

The specs for the boat are as follows: 43 feet in length, diesel caterpillar engines, 13 gross tons, 10 net tons, a breath of 14 feet and depth of 3 feet. There’s a minimum bid of $12,000 at this upcoming live auction in Pompano Beach, Florida. If the price fits your budget, you can make your way there and take a closer look before you start bidding.

To get more information on this vessel, start by activating your free trial account. You can also check out numerous other boats that are up for sale at various government auctions around the country by clicking here. If you want to work on a boat project, then this Sea Ray may be just for you. Don’t hesitate on jumping on this opportunity; you never know when you’ll get another chance to score a bargain.

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