Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Search and Rescue Boat: Utility Vessel

search and rescue boatThis Search and Rescue Boat has seen a ton of action in the past and it’s about time for it to retire and go into the hands of someone outside the government scene. If you’re looking to pick up a boat for personal use, you don’t have to look any further. This vessel is 41 feet long, with a hull and deck both in great shape, working engines, and working propellers. The only things missing are electronic devices that used to be all over the vessel. This boat is available at this upcoming online auction. There’s a little over five days remaining on this auction, so head over to Essexville, Michigan to check this vessel out.

You can get more information on this boat by activating your free trial account. There are more boat auctions all over the country and you can get more details on them by clicking here. It’s time for this boat to drop the search and rescue tag and retire to a more simpler and less demanding workload.

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