Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1987 Antigua 48′ Sailboat: Still Grand

1987 Antigua 48If you want a boat, you might as well go for something that looks amazing and functions well for your own safety. Even the older models are just as good as long as they’ve been maintained through the years. This 1987 Antigua Sailboat is a great example of such. It is available in an upcoming live auction in Alabama. The 48′ vessel comes with a fiberglass hull along with a full keel and rudder.

The weather may be growing cold in the Northeast, but the South’s still pretty fortunate. Take the time to go out and enjoy the sea breeze. There’s no other feeling quite like drifting about on open water. This sailboat appears to be in great shape, even after nearly 30 years in existence. However, like with all boats and other vessels, make sure you do an adequate amount of research before you pounce on this special auction item.

For boats, you want to inspect them just as much as you would want to inspect a used car. Used boats fit the same bill. You want to check out the exterior, ranging from the paint job to the state of the rudders. Or in this case, you want to check the masts that are part of the sailboat. You also want to do a thorough job investigating the interior of the boat, including the passenger space along with the motor and engine. Check if there are potential leaks or any sort of damage that could potentially cause more serious issues in the future. As long as you take the proper steps in checking out the quality of the boat, you will not lose out. If you are interested in boat auctions, just click here for more information.

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