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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1992 Boston Whaler Challenger Boat: Go for it!

whaler challenger boatUp for grabs at an upcoming live auction up in Columbus, Ohio is this 1992 Boston Whaler Challenger Boat, a 25-footer with over two decades of maritime service. It’s available at this state surplus auction, so you know it’s been in good hands for quite some time. If you need a boat that’s suitable for both a quick ride around the pier on a warm summer’s day or an ideal vessel for small group fishing trips, this boat is the one. With a little maintenance, some refurbishing and maybe a do-over for the paint job, you’ll have a real gem.

That said, you can probably nab this boat for a bargain price. One, it’s in Ohio, so unless a huge audience from coastal states come through specifically to snatch this boat, you won’t be competing against serious boat-watchers. But it won’t hurt to be cautious. Bring your A-game if you want to make this vessel yours. And two, the thing is 20 years old! If you do a little research on these boats beforehand and pick out the positive traits that no one else sees, you’ve got it made.

Begin your bargain-hunting endeavors by clicking here for more information.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 Small Craft Boats for Grabs

4x small craftboatsNo need to shell out the money to buy a yacht, a massive sailboat, a small cruiser, a sports motorboat, or anything of the like. Why not just settle for one of these 4 Small Craft Boats that you can bring out onto a lake and enjoy a midsummer’s breeze in the middle of a day? Some people enjoy the insane speed rides of a motorboat on the open ocean, but some people prefer lounging quietly and enjoying the serenity of nature.

These boats are suitable for one or two people at a time (any more and you’ll most likely throw the balance off), so it doesn’t hurt to pick up more than one of these so you have a bunch available for group outings if you should choose to go that route. But some alone time on some calm water doesn’t hurt either! Especially if you’re going pond or lake fishing. That’s definitely something worthwhile to look forward to.

While these boats aren’t real eye-catchers, they’re definitely worthwhile. You could, actually, spruce them up visually if you do want to make them visually appealing. But get started by clicking here for more information. These boats are available in an upcoming online auction, so keep an eye out.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

1995 Baja 38 Special Vessel for Sale

Baja cruiserFeel the ocean breeze caress your cheeks and ruffle your hair while you coast along the open waters with this 1995 Baja 38 Special Vessel, a wonderful boat that features a ton of power as well as on-board utilities to make your naval journey the best one possible. The ship is 35 feet long, making it a suitable vessel for holding many passengers and supplies. This isn’t just a small motorboat you take out on the dock to go for a quick spin; you can stay on the water for quite some time with this vessel.

Red and white, certainly an eye-catcher, and being nearly 20 years old doesn’t make the Baja 38 anything less than a veteran of the water. You can grab this boat at an upcoming live auction based in Montana. Buyers will be plenty, so play your cards right and bring on your A-game to bolster your chances of winning this very desirable beauty. Just click here for more information if you want to participate in the many boat auctions happening around the country.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Three Hawaiian Kayaks for Grabs

3 kayaksCan you picture the crystal clear blue waters and pure white beaches? Can you picture yourself skimming the surface of the warm water beneath the gentle stroke of the Hawaiian sun?

Here are three Hawaiian kayaks that are available in the Aloha state, easily obtainable from this upcoming online auction. Isn’t that convenient? You won’t have to shell out a fortune just to fly to Hawaii and check out the kayaks. Of course, you won’t be getting crystal clear blue waters and palm trees in Minnesota or Nebraska, but you can bring these kayaks anywhere you want to go if the aquatic life is for you.

Check out these kayaks and other boats by clicking here for more information. While kayaks don’t involve the same inspection process as the big yachts and speedboats, you still want to do some research to make sure kayaking is for you. It’s quite the thrilling activity, but it’s also dangerous if you don’t have someone with you. After all, it’s just you, a paddle and the open waters. Make sure you’re well-versed in kayaking before you start bidding!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1979 Cape Dory Sailboat: MAJESTIC

cape dory sailboatIf you want a boat, you might as well go for something that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as safe and functional. Even the older models are just as good as long as they’ve been maintained through the years. This 1979 Cape Dory Sailboat is a great example of such. It is available in an upcoming live auction in Fall River, Massachusetts, in a great New England area that is befitting such a great vessel. It comes with a fiberglass hull along with a full keel and rudder. On a cozy spring day or summer night, this sailboat is primed for cruising along on a relaxing journey on the bay. Why enjoy a summer breeze in the park when you can enjoy a summer sea breeze out on the open water? The experience is completely different and definitely not one to ever miss out on. This sailboat appears to be in phenomenal shape, even after 30 years in existence. However, like with all boats and other vessels, make sure you do an adequate amount of research before you pounce on this special auction item.

For boats, you want to inspect them just as much as you would want to inspect a used car. Used boats fit the same bill. You want to check out the exterior, ranging from the paint job to the state of the rudders. Or in this case, you want to check the masts that are part of the sailboat. You also want to do a thorough job investigating the interior of the boat, including the passenger space along with the motor and engine. Check if there are potential leaks or any sort of damage that could potentially cause more serious issues in the future. As long as you take the proper steps in checking out the quality of the boat, you will not lose out. If you are interested in boat auctions, just click here for more information.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Polarkraft Aluminum Boat With Galvanized Trailer Hull

Polarkraft boatThroughout the U.S., especially the northern half, it may be a little too chilly for boating, but that’s exactly why this would be the time to hunt for some bargain-priced boats! Start off small, there’s no need to jump onto a deal for a yacht when it’s clearly not yacht season. Here is a Polarkraft Model MV1860-C 18′ Aluminum Boat that comes with a Galvanized Trailer Hull. It’s certainly spacious enough for a couple of people (date on the water, anyone?) at the very least. It’s certainly completely open and absolutely begging for customization and personalization (calling all artists). For someone who’s a seasoned boat owner or someone who’s looking to buy their first boat, this one is a very, very fine choice.

This boat has a military history, too, so that’s another tidbit you can tell your friends if you decide to make this boat yours. It’ll actually be featured at an upcoming auction in San Antonio, Texas. Also, don’t worry about transporting this boat around. As mentioned, it comes with its own trailer hull so you can just hook this up to your vehicle—providing it has enough horsepower to drag this boat around—and take it on your way back home. If you want to find out more about a ton of boats just like this one that’s available at government auctions, just click here for more information.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

41 Foot Coast Guard Utility Boat: Summer Boating!

coastIt’s still boat season, people! Don’t ever forget that! Stop sitting on the dock sulking because you’re super jealous of your peers who are setting sail day in and day out on these beautiful summer days. You whole life can change once you set your sights on this next amazing auction. Up for sale right now is one 41 Foot Coast Guard Utility Boat! This bad boy is in great condition and is definitely ready to hit the water. This boat seats three comfortably and can zip around like no other boat out there. Do be shy to pick up the speed and tear through those waves like they are paper. This aluminum based aquatic vehicle can be your great escape from the pressures of your normal work life that seems to drag on and on. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge into boat ownership. If this is something you’re interested in–and we know you are–then you need to check out the online auction that is going on right now! Click here for all the extra details that you’re wondering about!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Online Boat Auctions

Buying a boat nowadays requires a lot of effort.  First you have to do all the research on the boat – is it better suited for salt water, or is it better suited for fresh water?  Once you have done your research you then have to head down to the boat dealership to find out how much the boat will cost you.  You can end up spending weeks traveling to and from all the dealerships in your area – trying to find a deal that best suits you.  Yet you end up spending more than you want on a boat that you don’t love.  Not to mention the amount of time you inevitably have to take off from work and making money.  Going to online boat auctions saves you time and money.

Online boat auctions can be a hazardous adventure for those who do not do their research – you know, the people who see a deal on a 36-Footer, put down $5,000 (thinking it was a steal) only to realize that the boat has been in four major accidents, and was just recently fished out of a lake.  Hence the need for research.  With the volume of online boat auctions, taking the time to find the reputable boats available would be a good idea.  Remember, there are literally tens of thousands of boats available.  The vast majority does come from legitimate places such as from the government (federal, state, and local).  And more likely than not, you will end up at some form of a government online boat auction.  There you will find boats ranging from the mundane to the outrageous amphibious military vehicle.  Of course you would be wise to find out the vehicle’s history.  More likely than not, that means obtaining the Hull Identification Number (If the boat has had major work, then make sure that you get the Hull Identification Number for any replacement parts, such as the engine and transmission), and using it to get a vehicle history report.  Once you have that vehicle history report, you can make an educated decision on how much you are willing to bid.  The best decision you can make is to stick to that number.  Remember, you will more likely than not be able to find a similar boat, for the price that you set.

Now that we know the benefits of boat ownership, and possible pitfalls, we need to find Online Boat Auctions.  Relying on late night infomercials to find us great deals for pennies on the dollar is probably a very bad idea (almost as bad as putting a great white shark in your fish-tank).  Spending hours searching the Internet and newspapers is just not worth it, when you could be spending that time with friends and family. Remember to be smart and do your research, and one way to do that is to activate your free trial here. Once you have, you should be good to go, and should be able to find yourself a nice boat with Online Boat Auctions

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Government Boat Auctions

Now that was some dream.  So there I was driving a speedboat, beautiful people were all around me.  Sun was beating down from up high, and I had a synchronized water skiing team being towed on the back of the boat.  They had just formed a pyramid, and then I woke up.

Had I been smart, that wouldn’t be a dream.  That really could have been me driving that boat.  Last week, the government was holding a boat auction at the local marina, and I thought about going, but I didn’t think there were any worthwhile boats up for auction.  Boy was I wrong.  A friend of mine went, just for the heck of it.  He invited me for a ride out on his boat yesterday, and let me tell you, that boat was fast.  Apparently drug smugglers to avoid being detected by the coast guard, had used the boat. When the coast guard had finished their investigation, they put the boat up for a government boat auction.  Now here I am, sitting at home in my parent’s basement, wishing that I could go out and do some fishing on a nice speedboat.

There are other boats available for auction too.  The government has boats they no longer need.  Boats used by the military, which are outdated for military uses are put up for government auctions too.  These boats were built for the long haul and can easily be used for years to come (If you are lucky, you may find yourself on the winning end of a boat with some battle scars – perfect for your ‘war’ story).  Boats used to patrol ports, borders, and bodies of water are also available.  There is nothing wrong with these boats either.  More often than not, agencies will update their fleets to deal with their evolving jobs.  They don’t need these boats anymore so they hold government boat auctions to get rid of their extra inventory, and more often than not, they are willing to auction these boats off at a reduced price.

Now granted, buying one of these boats may not result in a sudden popularity boost for you, nor allow you to be the boat-driver for a team of world champion, synchronized water skiers, but you could still end up with a nice boat to take you and your friends fishing.  If you are more of an entrepreneur, you could bid on a larger boat, and retrofit the boat into a party boat – renting it for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s and many more parties. Simply put, government boat auctions are a great place to start or supplement your boat owning experience.

So how do you find these government boat auctions?  After all, not all of us have that friend that just seems to be able to find these auctions at random.  Searching your local paper may help you find an auction, but chances are your local government doesn’t hold many auctions. And spending hours searching the internet can be a hassle, especially when you could be spending that time with family.  Login to your free trial account here, and search faster and easier, and give yourself more time to investigate an actual boat, as opposed to spending time looking for them.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boat Repo Auctions

Bayliner Conquest SportbridgeHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be on the open water?  Navigating your boat towards the prime fishing spots.  Maybe a secluded beach if more your flavor.  Either way, owning a boat may no longer be a pipe dream for you.  So what if you don’t live near the coast.  There are thousands of lakes and rivers throughout this country – all itching to be explored by boat.  The boat-owning experience is quite rewarding.  And instead of paying retail, you can find yourself a nice deal at boat repo auctions.  All kinds of boats find their way to boat repo auctions – million dollar yachts, fancy speedboats, and even a regular boat that you can take out on your local lake and/or river.  You can find yourself owning one of these boats after placing the winning bid at a boat repo auction.

Boat Repo Auctions come about for many reasons.  However, all the reasons start with a delinquent owner.  Whether that owner fails to pay their monthly payments, uses the boat for illegal activity, buys the boat using dirty money, or even fails to pay taxes.  This means that you can potentially find not just a lot of boats available at auction, but a large variety as well.  Just imagine being able to find a nice-sized boat for you to take out on the lake, while also finding a fancy kayak for your more adventurous trips down the rapids of your local river.  If you tend to be adventurous with your wallet, you can look into buying an expensive yacht that you can rent out for fishing trips, parties (such as office parties, weddings, sweet 16s, etc…), and corporate events.  Of course, you could also just use it for your own good, and take out a few fishing buddies every Sunday.  You may have to install a satellite to watch the game, but really, is there anything better than being able to sit down, watch the game, go fishing, and hanging out with friends?  But, don’t get your hopes up just yet.  You need to spend time looking into owning the boat first.

Unlike a car, which you can just park on most streets or in the driveway, a boat requires more planning and infrastructure.  For starters, you will need to look into the cost of either docking the boat, or a trailer for your boat.  Once you are sure that you can own a boat, and be able to store it, you are ready to investigate the actual boats available at boat repo auctions.  You should go to any preview, if possible, and bring along a knowledgeable boat mechanic, to ensure that the boat is in good shape and wasn’t neglected by its previous owner.  Additionally you should look up any information available on the Hull Identification Number, to find out what, if any, issues may exist with the boat.  Even if it was neglected, a boat mechanic should be able to tell you if it would be worth it to buy the boat, and fix it up.  Fixing up the boat you found at a boat repo auction, could still end up costing less than buying a similar boat either used, or new.  So take the time out to do the research on any boat you plan on purchasing.  Doing that will allow you to set a limit on the amount of money you want to spend, and will help protect you from possibly ending up losing money.

Now that we know the benefits of boat ownership, and possible pitfalls, we need to find boat repo auctions.  Relying on late night infomercials to find us great deals for pennies on the dollar is probably a very bad idea (almost as bad as putting a great white shark in your fish-tank).  Spending hours searching the Internet and newspapers is just not worth it, when you could be spending that time with friends and family.  After all, the point of having a boat is to go and have fun with your family.  Activate your free trial here, and use that extra time to enjoy your family and research on the actual boat, not looking for one.

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