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Thursday, May 2, 2013

1985 Monark, 24′ Boat: With Motors and Trailer

boat lotAn auction featuring a just a boat is not enough. Up for grabs at this upcoming online auction is this  1985 Monark that is included in a “boat lot” that also includes motors and a matching trailer for road transportation. This 24-footer is grand on its own, so having additional motors and trailer included in the auction is something that should not be ignored. A potentially huge bargain deal is in the making here!

If you ever wanted to get started in boating, this is the perfect opportunity. Because essentially everything you need to get started is in this lot, you won’t have to scour various boat shops and retail stores to pick up any missing components. Obviously it won’t hurt to inspect the boat itself. If you want to take a detour to Hawaii anytime soon—or if you happen to be planning a late spring vacation there within the next couple of weeks—check out this Monark and the entire boat lot while you’re at it.

Grab this opportunity by activating your trial account to gain access to a wealth of information regarding the many boat auctions happening right now throughout the country. Once you register, you can also click here for more information on the other auctions featured on this website. Get the inside scoop today.

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