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Friday, March 1, 2013

1995 Baja 38 Special Vessel for Sale

Baja cruiserFeel the ocean breeze caress your cheeks and ruffle your hair while you coast along the open waters with this 1995 Baja 38 Special Vessel, a wonderful boat that features a ton of power as well as on-board utilities to make your naval journey the best one possible. The ship is 35 feet long, making it a suitable vessel for holding many passengers and supplies. This isn’t just a small motorboat you take out on the dock to go for a quick spin; you can stay on the water for quite some time with this vessel.

Red and white, certainly an eye-catcher, and being nearly 20 years old doesn’t make the Baja 38 anything less than a veteran of the water. You can grab this boat at an upcoming live auction based in Montana. Buyers will be plenty, so play your cards right and bring on your A-game to bolster your chances of winning this very desirable beauty. Just click here for more information if you want to participate in the many boat auctions happening around the country.

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