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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

41 Foot Coast Guard Utility Boat: Summer Boating!

coastIt’s still boat season, people! Don’t ever forget that! Stop sitting on the dock sulking because you’re super jealous of your peers who are setting sail day in and day out on these beautiful summer days. You whole life can change once you set your sights on this next amazing auction. Up for sale right now is one 41 Foot Coast Guard Utility Boat! This bad boy is in great condition and is definitely ready to hit the water. This boat seats three comfortably and can zip around like no other boat out there. Do be shy to pick up the speed and tear through those waves like they are paper. This aluminum based aquatic vehicle can be your great escape from the pressures of your normal work life that seems to drag on and on. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge into boat ownership. If this is something you’re interested in–and we know you are–then you need to check out the online auction that is going on right now! Click here for all the extra details that you’re wondering about!

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