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Monday, May 20, 2013

Cobra Explorer Kayak for the Solo Adventurer

cobra kayakIf you’re the solo type who enjoys time to yourself, away from civilization, away from the stress of city lights and polluted air, look into this Cobra Explorer Kayak as your escape route. The kayak is for one passenger at a time—and just a heads up, it’s quite important you have at least one person traveling with you just in case of emergencies. But the kayak, at the end, makes for one of the best items for the solo adventurer.

At 12 feet in length, this is a nice sizable vessel. You can take this out to a small lake and soak up summer rays on the water, or you can expand and hit the vast ocean waves instead. Located in Hawaii in this upcoming online auction, would you consider kayaking your way back to the mainland if you don’t live on the sunny island?

Start today and get more information by activating your free trial account. There are many marine vessels up for auction all the time, so click here for more information. If you want access to some of the best government auction deals in the country, don’t wait to get started!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trawler: 45-Footer For Sale

trawlerAnyone in the seafaring business could make great use of this Trawler, a 45-feet long vessel capable of the vast majority of maritime activities. Don’t worry about the slightly rusty appearance on the outside; that’s perfectly normal for any vessel that has years of experience on the open waters. If you’re interested in this trawler, be on the lookout for an upcoming online auction.

The trawler itself is based in the state of Washington. Furnished internally with a kitchen and dining area, along with room to maneuver and sit around, this trawler has plenty of space to go with its utility. Judging from photos alone, it seems like this trawler has been under some great owners who knew how to properly maintain the vessel. So if you need a vessel for fishing purposes, or one to tow supplies and equipment, this trawler is the way to go.

Take the few minutes to activate your trial account and you’ll find out much more information regarding boats and other auction items around the country. Once you do register, click here for more information on the other auctions featured on this website. Don’t hesitate if you want to get a head start on your boat hunting and bargain hunting endeavors!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

1985 Monark, 24′ Boat: With Motors and Trailer

boat lotAn auction featuring a just a boat is not enough. Up for grabs at this upcoming online auction is this  1985 Monark that is included in a “boat lot” that also includes motors and a matching trailer for road transportation. This 24-footer is grand on its own, so having additional motors and trailer included in the auction is something that should not be ignored. A potentially huge bargain deal is in the making here!

If you ever wanted to get started in boating, this is the perfect opportunity. Because essentially everything you need to get started is in this lot, you won’t have to scour various boat shops and retail stores to pick up any missing components. Obviously it won’t hurt to inspect the boat itself. If you want to take a detour to Hawaii anytime soon—or if you happen to be planning a late spring vacation there within the next couple of weeks—check out this Monark and the entire boat lot while you’re at it.

Grab this opportunity by activating your trial account to gain access to a wealth of information regarding the many boat auctions happening right now throughout the country. Once you register, you can also click here for more information on the other auctions featured on this website. Get the inside scoop today.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

18-Foot 1986 Bayliner Capri For Sale

1986 bayliner capriWith a little maintenance and restoration, this 1986 Bayliner Capri can be put back into shape. If you like do-it-yourself projects and you enjoy working with boats, then this one should be your pick at the next government boats auction. At 18 feet in length, this vessel is suited for a couple of people in all sorts of bodies of water so check it out at this upcoming online auction.

There’s a reason why this boat starts at an insanely low price. It’s in shambles! This can be great other than just providing you a nice project to work on. Because the boat is in poor shape, not many people will try and bid on it in the first place. Your only competition will probably only be other fans of DIY projects or those who collect scrapmetal and boat parts.

If this Bayliner Capri interests you, start by activating your trial account so you can find out more. You can also click here for more information on boats auctions happening around the country. You never know; there are so many items out there for bargain prices that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marine Vessel “Kaylee” – Boat & Trailer Set

kaylee marine vesselThe best boat auctions you can find at government seized and surplus auctions are ones that come with their own trailer, which means you can easily hook it up to your vehicle of choice and remove it from the premises to bring home right away. This Marine Vessel named “Kaylee” is a boat and trailer set that can suit the needs of anyone in need of a vessel to take them out onto the open waters. It’s available at an upcoming online auction, with the boat itself based in Alaska.

There’s not too much time remaining on this particular auction—just a week of action left. Sizable and neat in appearance, this boat should be a good haul for anyone in search for a new vessel. However, the condition cannot be determined from photos alone, so you definitely should check ahead and get more details on this particular boat.

However you can’t get more details on the boat unless you activate your trial account and then you can click here for more information regarding this auction and many others more. You can count on a bargain, however, so it’s worth checking the auction out instead of hovering around actual boat dealerships and paying the full market price for individual vessels.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Avon Searider!

avon seariderNeed a casual ride in the middle of your local lake? This Avon Searider is definitely the one to pick for the laid-back casual waterfarer in search of R&R on the open waters. At a little under 10 feet in length, the Searider is small and can fit at most three people comfortably. In addition, it’s supported by an inflatable hull, how awesome and mind-boggling is that?

At this upcoming online auction, you can find this Searider at a bargain price. As mentioned, if you’re one who’s looking for some laid back fun on the water, then the Searider is your target. Because it is so small, it is highly maneuverable. Standard equipment that comes with the Searider includes paddles, towing points, internal and external lifelines, maintenance kit, and more. However, since this boat is used, there’s no way to guarantee that all the equipment is available. It’s up to you to inspect it if you are set on making this Searider yours.

Start by clicking here for more information and open yourself up to a world of bargain deals you can only find at government auctions.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1992 Boston Whaler Challenger Boat: Go for it!

whaler challenger boatUp for grabs at an upcoming live auction up in Columbus, Ohio is this 1992 Boston Whaler Challenger Boat, a 25-footer with over two decades of maritime service. It’s available at this state surplus auction, so you know it’s been in good hands for quite some time. If you need a boat that’s suitable for both a quick ride around the pier on a warm summer’s day or an ideal vessel for small group fishing trips, this boat is the one. With a little maintenance, some refurbishing and maybe a do-over for the paint job, you’ll have a real gem.

That said, you can probably nab this boat for a bargain price. One, it’s in Ohio, so unless a huge audience from coastal states come through specifically to snatch this boat, you won’t be competing against serious boat-watchers. But it won’t hurt to be cautious. Bring your A-game if you want to make this vessel yours. And two, the thing is 20 years old! If you do a little research on these boats beforehand and pick out the positive traits that no one else sees, you’ve got it made.

Begin your bargain-hunting endeavors by clicking here for more information.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

1995 Baja 38 Special Vessel for Sale

Baja cruiserFeel the ocean breeze caress your cheeks and ruffle your hair while you coast along the open waters with this 1995 Baja 38 Special Vessel, a wonderful boat that features a ton of power as well as on-board utilities to make your naval journey the best one possible. The ship is 35 feet long, making it a suitable vessel for holding many passengers and supplies. This isn’t just a small motorboat you take out on the dock to go for a quick spin; you can stay on the water for quite some time with this vessel.

Red and white, certainly an eye-catcher, and being nearly 20 years old doesn’t make the Baja 38 anything less than a veteran of the water. You can grab this boat at an upcoming live auction based in Montana. Buyers will be plenty, so play your cards right and bring on your A-game to bolster your chances of winning this very desirable beauty. Just click here for more information if you want to participate in the many boat auctions happening around the country.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1979 Cape Dory Sailboat: MAJESTIC

cape dory sailboatIf you want a boat, you might as well go for something that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as safe and functional. Even the older models are just as good as long as they’ve been maintained through the years. This 1979 Cape Dory Sailboat is a great example of such. It is available in an upcoming live auction in Fall River, Massachusetts, in a great New England area that is befitting such a great vessel. It comes with a fiberglass hull along with a full keel and rudder. On a cozy spring day or summer night, this sailboat is primed for cruising along on a relaxing journey on the bay. Why enjoy a summer breeze in the park when you can enjoy a summer sea breeze out on the open water? The experience is completely different and definitely not one to ever miss out on. This sailboat appears to be in phenomenal shape, even after 30 years in existence. However, like with all boats and other vessels, make sure you do an adequate amount of research before you pounce on this special auction item.

For boats, you want to inspect them just as much as you would want to inspect a used car. Used boats fit the same bill. You want to check out the exterior, ranging from the paint job to the state of the rudders. Or in this case, you want to check the masts that are part of the sailboat. You also want to do a thorough job investigating the interior of the boat, including the passenger space along with the motor and engine. Check if there are potential leaks or any sort of damage that could potentially cause more serious issues in the future. As long as you take the proper steps in checking out the quality of the boat, you will not lose out. If you are interested in boat auctions, just click here for more information.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Polarkraft Aluminum Boat With Galvanized Trailer Hull

Polarkraft boatThroughout the U.S., especially the northern half, it may be a little too chilly for boating, but that’s exactly why this would be the time to hunt for some bargain-priced boats! Start off small, there’s no need to jump onto a deal for a yacht when it’s clearly not yacht season. Here is a Polarkraft Model MV1860-C 18′ Aluminum Boat that comes with a Galvanized Trailer Hull. It’s certainly spacious enough for a couple of people (date on the water, anyone?) at the very least. It’s certainly completely open and absolutely begging for customization and personalization (calling all artists). For someone who’s a seasoned boat owner or someone who’s looking to buy their first boat, this one is a very, very fine choice.

This boat has a military history, too, so that’s another tidbit you can tell your friends if you decide to make this boat yours. It’ll actually be featured at an upcoming auction in San Antonio, Texas. Also, don’t worry about transporting this boat around. As mentioned, it comes with its own trailer hull so you can just hook this up to your vehicle—providing it has enough horsepower to drag this boat around—and take it on your way back home. If you want to find out more about a ton of boats just like this one that’s available at government auctions, just click here for more information.

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