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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Special, Special Handmade 33-Foot Vessel

handmade vesselThere are small craft boats, inflatable recreational boats, sailboats, large speedboats, and so many varieties of watercraft that you can find at various government auctions. But here’s a special Handmade 33-foot Vessel that you can actually call your own. Owning a vessel that is built from scratch from human hands like yours surrounds the boat with a different aura. There’s something about handmade objects that add true value. The vessel itself is located in Puerto Rico at an upcoming online auction. Arrangements can be made to transport the vessel from the site should you win the auction.

Not too much is known about this vessel besides that it comes with twin engines and its own trailer. It’s up to the buyer to investigate and thoroughly check out the boat as completely as possible. Handmade vessels bear higher price tags, but it’s certainly worth it if the vessel is still in prime shape and that it features some top tier craftsmanship. Start by activating your trial account and then you can clicke here for more information for more information regarding this auction and many others like it.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Up for Sale: 22-Foot-Long Carolina Skiff (2011)

2011 skiffHere’s a boat for the everyman: a 2011 Carolina Skiff that measures at 22 feet in length. This boat is ideal for—well, practically anything on the water. It’s a great utility vessel, serving as a joyride on the lake, fishing trips near the shore, full-throttle rides on coastal waters, and essentially anything else you can think a small boat can do. This particular vessel looks to be in decent shape, though you should definitely check it out in person.

This boat is available at an upcoming online auction. Get the info you need today by activating your trial account and then clicking here for more information regarding all the different boat sales at all sorts of government auctions happening right now. Don’t miss out on the next great deal if you’re in the hunting for a new ride on the open waters.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

1996 Fountain Vessel: Quality 38-Footer!

1996 fountain vesselThis nice, spacious 1996 Fountain Vessel is up for grabs at this upcoming live auction based in Pompano Beach, Florida. If you’re a local there, you probably already have a boat to your name, but if you’re in the area or if you’re simply one in search of your own vessel, then this auction is for you. Spring is already in the air which means it’s only a couple months before the whole nation begins to feel the summer’s warmth. It’s the high time for boat-shopping!

At 38 feet in length, this fountain vessel is no small fry, though it’s not quite a massive yacht either. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem transporting this boat around behind your SUV. Unfortunately, the vessel does not come with a trailer at this auction, thus you will have to find your own means of transporting it around. But if you factor in the money you could save at this auction—rather than getting this boat at a dealership—you can use just a fraction of the money saved to pick up a suitable trailer for transport, and pocket the rest.

Click here for more information regarding boat sales at the many government auctions happening around the country. You really don’t want to miss out on the next big deal, especially if you’re in the hunt for a boat for this summer.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 Small Craft Boats for Grabs

4x small craftboatsNo need to shell out the money to buy a yacht, a massive sailboat, a small cruiser, a sports motorboat, or anything of the like. Why not just settle for one of these 4 Small Craft Boats that you can bring out onto a lake and enjoy a midsummer’s breeze in the middle of a day? Some people enjoy the insane speed rides of a motorboat on the open ocean, but some people prefer lounging quietly and enjoying the serenity of nature.

These boats are suitable for one or two people at a time (any more and you’ll most likely throw the balance off), so it doesn’t hurt to pick up more than one of these so you have a bunch available for group outings if you should choose to go that route. But some alone time on some calm water doesn’t hurt either! Especially if you’re going pond or lake fishing. That’s definitely something worthwhile to look forward to.

While these boats aren’t real eye-catchers, they’re definitely worthwhile. You could, actually, spruce them up visually if you do want to make them visually appealing. But get started by clicking here for more information. These boats are available in an upcoming online auction, so keep an eye out.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Three Hawaiian Kayaks for Grabs

3 kayaksCan you picture the crystal clear blue waters and pure white beaches? Can you picture yourself skimming the surface of the warm water beneath the gentle stroke of the Hawaiian sun?

Here are three Hawaiian kayaks that are available in the Aloha state, easily obtainable from this upcoming online auction. Isn’t that convenient? You won’t have to shell out a fortune just to fly to Hawaii and check out the kayaks. Of course, you won’t be getting crystal clear blue waters and palm trees in Minnesota or Nebraska, but you can bring these kayaks anywhere you want to go if the aquatic life is for you.

Check out these kayaks and other boats by clicking here for more information. While kayaks don’t involve the same inspection process as the big yachts and speedboats, you still want to do some research to make sure kayaking is for you. It’s quite the thrilling activity, but it’s also dangerous if you don’t have someone with you. After all, it’s just you, a paddle and the open waters. Make sure you’re well-versed in kayaking before you start bidding!

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