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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marine Vessel “Kaylee” – Boat & Trailer Set

kaylee marine vesselThe best boat auctions you can find at government seized and surplus auctions are ones that come with their own trailer, which means you can easily hook it up to your vehicle of choice and remove it from the premises to bring home right away. This Marine Vessel named “Kaylee” is a boat and trailer set that can suit the needs of anyone in need of a vessel to take them out onto the open waters. It’s available at an upcoming online auction, with the boat itself based in Alaska.

There’s not too much time remaining on this particular auction—just a week of action left. Sizable and neat in appearance, this boat should be a good haul for anyone in search for a new vessel. However, the condition cannot be determined from photos alone, so you definitely should check ahead and get more details on this particular boat.

However you can’t get more details on the boat unless you activate your trial account and then you can click here for more information regarding this auction and many others more. You can count on a bargain, however, so it’s worth checking the auction out instead of hovering around actual boat dealerships and paying the full market price for individual vessels.

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